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We see more and more project and organisations working on privacy focused apps, services, … great!

But sadly this is more and more just marketing. The most famous line "We value your privacy" is telling almost the exact opposite these days.

So let's do a first step: Everyone who really values privacy, get rid of trackers from your websites. All of them. GA as well as Matomo.

If you want to know how to optimize your websites, analyse your logs or do surveys.

#privacy #tracking


Firefox RemoteControl by default enabled

Bild/FotoTorque wrote the following post Fri, 10 May 2019 11:23:42 +0200

Betrifft ALLE #Firefox Nutzer, nicht nur Ubuntu:
"Normandy remote control should be disabled by default"

#Firefox RemoteControl by default enabled
#privacy #dataprotection

New creepy trend I just discovered in the New York subway: Tourists with a chest-mounted Gopro-sized camera. Wide angle, no way of knowing whether it’s currently recording or not.


Privacy Week Stuttgart

Eine ganze Woche im Namen der Privatsphäre im Internet

Nach den erfolgreichen Privacy Weeks in Wien und Berlin bringen wir das Format jetzt auch nach Stuttgart: Eine Woche mit dezentralen Veranstaltungen, Workshops, Vorträgen aller interessierten Organisationen, Verbände, Hochschulen etc. überall in Stuttgart. Eine Woche ganz im Zeichen von Privatsphäre, Datenschutz und persönlicher Cybersicherheit.

Termin: 17. bis 26. Mai 2019
#stuttgart #privacy #privatsphäre #datenschutz #cybersicherheit #security

#SurvaillenceCapitalism is a disease and #Privacy measures and #FreeSoftware are the #Vaccination.

If most people used free software and cared for their privacy we'd have #HerdImmunity and nobody could collect #BigData about society.

But if you use any #GAFAM ( #Google #Amazon #Facebook #Apple #Microsoft ) anti-services you are exposing everybody in your contacts list. You're basically an #AntiVaxer.

So if you have #WhatsApp #GMail or anything like that please remove me from your contacts.

#Privacy for the Weak, #Transparency for the Powerful #wikileaks #nsa #secrecy
"Microsoft (through its many contracts with various branches of the American army.."

Na, Alexa im Einsatz? Jaja, klar, Amazon hört mit und so. Aber nicht nur Amazon – auch andere, die nicht genannt werden wollen… Weil: warum aufwändig die Bude verwanzen, wenn der Bewohner sich schon freiwillig selbst verwanzt hat?

#privacy #MakeOrwellFictionAgain


Google knows everywhere you go — here’s how to stop it from tracking you and delete the logs

Google keeps a log of everywhere you go if you use Google apps and services on your phone.

It has a creepy level of detail that might surprise you.

Google makes it easy to find this information and limit how it can track you, though. Here’s how to do that.
#google #privacy #creepy

In case you missed it:

The free open self-hosting software makers FreedomBox have teamed up with the open source hardware makers Olimex to produce a #FreedomBox kit that lets you easily set up a home server straight out of the box:

You can also win an Olimex FreedomBox kit by suggesting new features in the kit's software or hardware (competition closes on Monday):

#SelfHosting #Privacy #HomeServers


I don't care about cookies 2.9.9

Get rid of annoying cookie warnings from almost all "infected" websites!
#cookie #website #addon #block #blocklist #privacy #ublock #adblockplus


I don't care about cookies 2.9.9

Get rid of annoying cookie warnings from almost all "infected" websites!
#cookie #website #addon #block #blocklist #privacy #ublock #adblockplus

Mozillas Internet Health Report 2019: Zunehmende Bewegung zum Schutz der Online-Privatsphäre und Aufbau einer verantwortungsvolleren KI
Mozillas Jahresbericht zur Internetgesundheit sieht voreingenommene künstliche Intelligenz, Missbrauch biometrischer Daten und erhöhte staatliche Zensur als kritische Faktoren.
Der Bericht trägt Forschungsergebnisse zusammen, enthält Interviews mit Expert*innen, Datenanalysen und -visualisierungen sowie Originalberichte, die zeigen, wie sich das Internet in fünf wesentlichen Bereichen entwickelt: Datenschutz und Sicherheit, Dezentralisierung, Offenheit, Digitale Teilhabe und Digitale Bildung.
#Bildung #Wissen #Internet #Gesundheit #Entwicklung #Privacy

There is now an #FreedomBox available, for 82€, you're suppose to be able to :
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Firefox Addons für die Privatssphäre
Ich möchte auf ein paar Firefox Addons/Erweiterungen hinweisen, die meines Erachtens bei jeder Firefox Installation dabei sein sollten. Dazu sei gesagt, dass jedes Addon die Geschwindigket des Surfens mehr oder weniger verlangsamen oder verschnellern kann. Also je mehr Addons, desto unterschiedlich lang kann das Laden einer Webseite dauern (wir reden hier von Millisekunden).

Beispiel Beim Laden einer Webseite muss das Addon die Webseite untersuchen, ob zum Beispiel Werbung von einer dritten Seiten geladen werden soll. Dieser Vorgang braucht natürlich ein bisschen Zeit. Wenn dann allerdings sämtliche Werbeseiten entfernt wurden und diese nicht mehr geladen werden müssen, gewinnt man wieder Zeit damit, denn die Webseite wird schneller angezeigt.
#WWW #Privacy #Tracking

Anonymität im Internet -- was gibs da neben Tor eigentlich noch?
* Kurz: Anonymität, was ist das überhaupt?
* Tor und andere Anonymisierungsdienste mit niedriger Latenz: Problem Traffickorrelation
* Kurz-Einschub: Wird Tor jetzt in Deutschland und in Österreich illegal? Der Relaybetrieb?
* Alternativen DC-Netze, Broadcast, Mixes (z.B. Herd, Dissent, Riffle, Vuvuzela, Riposte, Loopix)

#TOR #OnionNet #Privacy

#privacy is the freedom to act without being watched and thus, in a sense, to be who we really are — not who we want others to think we are.

"Can I fully control my Android phone?": No, you can't.

– in our tests, AFWall+ leaked DNS queries of all apps on the device (including blocked apps), making it easy to determine apps installed on the phone
– updating Android doesn't imply that firmware vulnerabilities get fixed
– apps from F-Droid/Play Store etc. can still leak personal data as shown in our /e/ article
– besides, your proprietary baseband processor, GPS, sensors etc. remain out of control

#android #security #privacy #infosec


Facebook uploaded 1.5m users’ e-mail contacts without their consent probably to create shadow profiles - Only YOU can make a difference here…

Facebook harvested the e-mail contacts of 1.5 million new users who joined the site since 2016 and did so without their consent.

The social network has said it “unintentionally uploaded” the e-mail contacts after asking some users to e-mail passwords when signing up to the site as a way of verifying their identity — a practice widely criticized by security experts.

According to a report by Business Insider, those who did enter their password then saw a pop-up message telling them their contacts were being imported to Facebook, without asking for permission to do so first.

The incident is the latest in a growing list of data privacy breaches to hit the social network.

Facebook said the flaw had been caused by a feature which had allowed users to confirm their account and import their e-mail contacts at the same time; however, a redesign in 2016 had removed some of the language which explained this but was still uploading contacts in some cases.

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Bryan Lunduke talks about the future of computing - will data be under control of the users or corporations? He sees a role for #Nextcloud but will it be enough?

What are your thoughts? #selfhosting #opensource #privacy

We need to take Ola Bini seriously. It is a threat individual #Privacy and #Security. He is a Free software contributor, been a part of many #FOSS Communities and also with #Wikileaks . He has been arrested without any prior notice, proper measures and also ill treated.

This will continue at a larger extent if voices are not raised, they will be suppressed

#FreeBini #StandForBini #RightToSpeech

TIL you don't have to install Android apps to use #Uber, #Lyft, and #Starbucks mobile services.

They're all available through mobile web clients just fine, and only get your location (only) when you're using it for what you need to do. #tracking

With Fennec (Firefox) on Android you can even install a handy icon on your launcher screen to tap.

What other #Android apps can be replaced by mobile web experiences?

#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy

The EU's #NextGenerationInternet project has announced its latest round of funding for #FreeCode software, this time for projects working on #privacy and trust. This is a good chance to create a period of paid work for folks working on privacy-protecting software, either enhancements to existing project, or ambitious, new ones:

#Google's #Cookies geh’n mir auf den Keks! - Des #PudelsKern!

Bemerkst du, wie in weitem Schneckenkreise
Er um uns her und immer näher jagt?
Und irr ich nicht, so zieht ein Feuerstrudel
Auf seinen Pfaden hinterdrein.
#Goethe, #Faust, Vers 1152 ff.

#FaustbyGoethe, #poetry, #literature, #poem, #Poesie, #Literatur, #Gedicht
#DSGVO, #GDPR, #RGPD, #Datenschutz, #dataprotection, #leak, #passwords, #privacy, #Datenpanne
#Stasi 2.0, #GoogleIsWatchingYou, #SpitzelCookies

Weil «Freie Fahrt für freie Bürger» auch irgendwie durch ist, sollte der Wahlspruch des 21. Jahrhunderts wohl eher «Sichere Verschlüsselung für freie Menschen» sein.
#privacy #security #liberty


New to Friendica

Redoing my intro post after some advice from @utzer:

Hi folks, I decided to join Friendica since it sounded interesting & I believe redecentralizing the internet is the way forward. I'm also on Mastodon & Scuttlebutt. I creatively write & LOVE to talk about the social implications of technology. I look forward to seeing what's out here.

#newhere #decentralization #redecentralize #cyberpunk #internetrights #privacy

Das AnoPhone im Nutzertest: Datenschutz und Usability im Einklang?
Das AnoPhone: Ein modernes Android ohne jegliche Weitergabe der Daten an Google, geht das?
#smartphone #privacy #android

Another secure privacy phone is coming: Centinel.

Centinel has developed a groundbreaking solution that guarantees user privacy. Feel completely safe from unwanted GPS tracking, speech recognition, disguised audio recordings, spying by camera, or anything else that you wouldn’t want to share without your consent.

Physical switch to turn all you want off.

Equipped with googleless vanilla Android. Minimized radiation levels – healthier phone usage.


#Centinel #CentinelMobiles #privacy #linuxmobile

There are so many things wrong here with #Amazon #Alexa

* Storing audio recordings, especially indefinitely
* Sending the wrong files as response to a #GDPR request
* Ignoring that it happened

This a huge #security and #privacy failure

Amazon reveals private Alexa voice data files | heise online


Android-Apps übertragen sensible Daten an Facebook

Viele Apps verraten Facebook private Details aus dem Leben von Smartphone-Nutzern. Schuld daran sind App-Entwickler, da sie oftmals das Facebook-SDK nutzen.

#privacy #facebook #android


Mark Zuckerberg buys an island for #privacy with the money he made selling your privacy with #Facebook.

I'm just wanted to point out the difference between open source vs. proprietary specifically to you and in general for other readers since you are tagging this with privacy which I'm following... also when it comes to #privacy other stuff usually follows with it like Free Open Source Software vs proprietary.

I was using the Brave browser on my iPhone, but thanks to @Jérémie Fontana I found out about and now I switched back to Safari and bought Better Blocker for iOS by @Aral Balkan instead. #privacy #adblocker #ios

Did you get notified already? If not - stay tuned, or update manually! #Nextcloud 14.0.1 is available now with over a dozen bugfixes and improvements. Time to get the lastest and greatest in #selfhosted #privacy protected file sync and collaboration!

#privacy is active tag if you are interested in it.

ich hab jetzt #nextcloud, bald geht es meinem google #kalender an den kragen. ABER #davdroid synchronisiert nicht ordentlich mit dem s planner kal
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Most of my future posts I will send restricted, even when they are just public news.
Background is that critical comments from my contacts to my posts should not be published.
Really critical themes are restricted to my #hubzilla / #redmatrix contacts, cause the grid has the strongest #privacy #policy.
My contacts should be able to comment free without a #fear of #surviellance.

Feel free to reshare this (as one of my last public posts).
have fun and enjoy your live.