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Lenovo macht gerade so einen Alibi Werbetrick. Auf ihren neuen teuren Thinkpad P Modellen, die jetzt im Sommer auf den Markt kommen sollen, wollen sie Ubuntu vorinstalliert anbieten.
Irgendwann werden sie dann eine Statistik rausbringen, die dann sagt, dass kaum einer Linux bestellt hat und man daher das Angebot wieder einstellt .. bei Notebooks die bei 1.500 Euro los gehen.

Das ist die selbe Nummer, als Volkswagen den sparsamen Kleinwagen Lupo rausgebracht hat (1998-2005)und ihn für im Vergleich horrendes Geld anbot. Irgendwann kam dann die Meldung, dass der Wagen kaum gekauft wurde und man die Produktion einstellte.

#Lenovo #Volkswagen #Kundentäuschung #Community #Verrat #Notebook #Linux

„Windows wird von der Firma Microsoft entwickelt. OS X von Apple. Die #Linux-Entwickler, das sind wir! Wenn uns etwas stört, kann das jeder von uns einfach selbst verbessern.“ #jugendhackt #jhrostock #jhmv19

I can't get #borgback, with patterns, to

include the folder
+ /home/user/.application/folder1

and exclude all other folders within
- /home/user/.application/*

What do I have to put in the patters to get this working?

#linux #help

Contributing to Free #OpenSource Software is just as important as advocating it. Talk about why #Linux #GNU and other #FOSS are beneficial to everyone as @rskikuli did at the @opensuse Conference. @kde #fedora @debian @ubuntu @Raspberry_Pi @gnome

Teil 4 des Linux Kurses ist fertig. Dieses Mal geht es um die Installation von Zusatzsoftware: #Linux #Slackware

hey yall can i get some help? :/ #foss #linux #gnu

If I wanted to start developing something for #linux #smartphone s, where should I start?
Raspberry pi with a touchscreen?
I'm wanting to get a #pinephone when they come out, and want to start learning how to write software for it now.

Still tinkering and pulling crap from my phone. Haven't crashed anything since yesterday. 🤓 #adbshell #linux

Top 10 Best #Linux Laptops

From powerful functionality to robust services: It's hard to beat a Linux laptop when it comes to daily use. 😀 😎

It’s easy to degoogle your smart-phone when you don’t have a google account. 😏 #google #degoogle #linux #foss #floss #opensource #fdroid #android #phone

Finally a #FOSS adventure update. We've had weekly trainings with our users where we've discovered some interesting things.

#Rocketchat turns out be to a buggy piece of shit. I'm working on an issue now where public channels aren't public. That's the main feature guys.

Our #Linux Mint desktop needs a second roll-out script based on feedback we got from users.

#Nextcloud is fine, but apparently confusing and scary to users. Some are 'secretly' still using shadow IT like Google Drive 🙄🙄

#FOSS apps that need push notifications get problems: Google wants to force all apps on #Android to use its proprietary service Firebase for push notifications.
That's why we need F-Droid and/or #Linux based smartphone OS without Google. #UBports

Sehr geile Idee und guter Vortrag!

Linux package manager sind zu langsam!
Michael Stapelberg
Linux package manager sind zu langsam, und ich stelle Ideen vor, wie man sie schneller machen könnte.

Die verbreiteten Linux package manager (dpkg, rpm) sind unnötig langsam. Ich erkläre, warum das so ist und eliminiere dann systematisch die einzelnen Gründe in einem eleganteren Design.

#Vortrag #Präsentation #Linux #Apt #RPM #Wissen

Linux package manager sind zu langsam!

Linux package manager sind zu langsam, und ich stelle Ideen vor, wie man sie schneller machen könnte. Die verbreiteten Linux package man...

Der Linux Kurs von Faircomputer ist auf vertreten:

Schnapp dir einen alten Laptop und fang heute noch an. #Linux #Slackware

People, forget "ifconfig". Yes, even forget "ip".

Now, on non-servers you very likely have #NetworkManager! Just use "nmcli".
It shows you everything you need, and what you actually wanted to see.

No need to search for what is your IP again and what of these 15 numbers is your MAC. +#DNS… #Linux

Die ersten drei Teile des Linux Kurses sind online: - ich freue mich auf euer Feedback #Linux #Lernen

The Art of Advocacy with #Linux

There are many communities out there not using #FOSS. You can teach them how to use Linux and FOSS by running workshops and teaching poeple how to install a Linux distro or other #FLOSS tools like LibreOffice, Nextcloud etc.

@rskikuli shows the importance of advocacy with Linux in his home country Albania for Free and #OpenSource software using grass roots movements and social media at #oSC19:

#borg backup doesn't work anymore, it did for a year, now I get:

Remote: sh: borg: command not found
Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server?

Any idea why this suddenly happens from multiple systems doing a backup to the same destination server?


#Südkorea macht es vor. Mit dem Ende des Supports von Windows 7 erwägt man nun die #Migration auf #Linux.


Hmmm... Microsoft contributing code to Linux kernel? Microsoft allowing Linux to run in Windows? Microsoft suddenly loves Linux and OpenSource?

This is making me nervous. MS is a HUGE corporation that has the same Prime Directive as all other corporations...
...while offering less value through cheap products and underpaid employees (or foreign slave workers as in China and other places).

Yes, definitely making me nervous.

#Microsoft #Windows #Linux #Opensource #kernel #fox #henhouse #nervous #suspicious

Minecraft can now be downloaded from Flathub on Linux using Flatpak.

Flatpak (as is also Snap from Canonical) is a universal packaging solution for all Linux.

For those of who prefer downloading things and keeping them up to date using Flatpak, you can now grab Minecraft on Flathub then. A good time too: with the recent huge Village & Pillage update that was released back in April.

== >

#Minecraft #Flatpak #Flathub #GamingOnLinux #Linux

Chatterbox - a DIY smart speaker for kids.

Powered by Mycroft (an open source voice assistant, that can be installed on Linux).

Chatterbox is the world's first educational build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker kit for kids that puts privacy first.

Think of it like an Alexa or Siri, but one focused on privacy that kids can build and program to bring their creativity to life!

== >

#Chatterbox #Linux #Mycroft #opensource #Alexa #Siri #AI #voiceassistant #kids

If you have ever felt the urge to give back to a project from the #FOSS community read "8 Ways To Contribute To The Desktop Linux Community, Without Knowing A Single Line Of Code".

This is not just true for #Linux, it's true for #FOSS projects in general.

I installed #Ubuntu in #VirtualBox on my MacBook Pro but the UI is sluggish and scrolling delayed. Anyone has tips to improve performance (currently allocated 4G ram) or is that just par for the course for #Linux in a VM?

From time to time I happen to press some button/key in #Linux with #Xfce and then the mouse does funny things, like scrolling when I move it (have this right now) or last time it was selecting text when I just moved it.
Right now the USB wireless mouse is off, so it is the TouchPad, when I move one finger over it it will scroll. Maybe it is defect and detects two fingers moving?
Often the only solution is a reboot. I have no clue what causes this behavior.

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Debian 9, WLan-Verbindung

Hallo, ich habe auf einem Rechner Debian installiert, aber ich kann keine WLan-Verbindung aufbauen.
Unter Netzwerke ist unser WLan aufgeführt, aber wenn ich "Verbinden" anklicke, kommt die Meldung "WiFi-Netzwerk wurde nicht gefunden" und "Die Verbindung WLan wurde deaktiviert".
Ich denke, ich muss den WLan-Schlüssel irgendwo eingeben, ich weiss leider nicht, wo.
Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?

exeCute: a new app by Alberto Salvia Novella; run Windows-only files easily on Linux!

exeCute opens .exe and .bat files as if they were native Linux applications.

This tool silently selects the right emulator and configuration for each case. Very nice for the most confortable Windows and MS-DOS gaming on Linux.

Good work!

GitLab repository == >

Preview video == >


#exeCute #Novella #AlbertoSalviaNovella #MSDOS #Linux #deleteWindows #GitLab

je suis en train de me construire un petit site avec wordpress en localhost pour le moment
je suis bien loin d'avoir le niveau et le temps pour l'autohébergement
je suis a la recherche d'un hébergeur, je pensais à "toile libre" si quelqu'un a des conseils ou avis ...
#wordpress #hébergeurweb #siteinternet #linux

Zu bedenken ist, @vilbi, daß es einen Unterschied zwischen Reden und Handeln gibt. Es hilft nicht, wenn zB #Barley u. die #SPD #Datenschutz fordern, aber #Weil und #Reiter aus #Linux aussteigen. Weil Reiter zu Hause mit seinem #Windows PC weniger Probleme hat als #München mit dem #LiMux Netzwerk, schließt er messerscharf, daß Linux nichts taugt. Oder wollte er damit nur verdecken, daß er dem #Lobbyismus erlegen ist?
Für #CDU / #CSU ist Linux Sozialismus pur.

Darling: to run macOS apps on Linux!

Linux: to be THE ONE platform to run everything no matter the origin?

Basically Darling does pretty much the same for macOS software that Wine does for Linux to run Windows software. In the long run, the devs would like to be able to run also iOS apps on ARM devices (like most Android phones).

Willing to contribute? Please contact them via link!

== >

#Darling #Darwin #macOS #Linux #AppleLinux

Oha... ? ÖkoLinX sounds like a cool, eco-friendly, slightly crazy #Linux distri. ?

#euelections2019 #ep2019

Virtual Reality gaming on Linux: VALVE INDEX.

Despite the high price, the initial batch of Valve Index headsets have sold out on pre-orders!

Steam is always hardware agnostic. Any VR title you purchase on Steam is playable on all SteamVR compatible VR headsets.

== >

#VR #VirtualReality #Linux #linuxgaming #ValveIndex


GNU Guix 1.0.0 released — 2019 — Blog — GNU Guix

This distro is so cool, I look forward to make it my main distro.
There are a tons of points that make this distro so thrilling but two are actually my favorites:
  • systemd free. GuixSD uses the Shepherd init system, formerly knwon as DMD (Daemon managing Daemons), it uses daemons to initialize and run services.
  • Nix package manager that allows different versions of a same applications, rolls back, sandboxes, applications per users.
It runs only Free Software so you need an hardware 100% compatible with FreeSoftware.

#linux #gnu #fsf #freesoftware #floss #foss #opensource #guix #nix #systemdfree

Dear #Fediverse

I am looking to ditch my #Linux desktop environment (Gnome). Which window managers / desktops do you recommend?
(1) Should not look like its from the 80s
(2) Configuration should be versionable (git)
(3) Should not have a huge underbelly that tries to do everything (like Gnome or KDE)

Suggestions welcome :)


Fedora 30 is here!

Your cutting edge Linux Workstation in a straight-forward & pleasant run through by Linux Scoop.

Fedora uses Wayland (the next gen graphic server) by default under simple and user friendly GNOME 3.32 desktop environment.

Fedora Games return, one click install of 3rd party repositories for mainstream apps, GNOME snappier than ever, etc.

== >

#Fedora #Workstation #Linux #LinuxScoop #desktop #GNOME

Librem One.

Purism is a privacy-orientated Linux device company. They have launched a bundle of mobile apps / services for Android and iOS.
  • Librem Mail – Encrypted email client
  • Librem Chat – Matrix messaging app
  • Librem Tunnel – Private VPN tunnel
  • Librem Social – Public social networking
The aim is to sign up 5,000 backers by the start of July. Bear in mind: there’s also a free plan! Please support this effort for mobile privacy and security if you can!

== >

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Look, a new toy! Let's see how fast that thing is.


@Friendica Admins #server #linux #admin

Make sure, it has its own file system, so it never eats up space needed by any other component of your #Linux system and file system based backups can be made nextcloud specific.

So what should I know before I start setting up #NextCloud, is there any tips? Should I consider #OwnCloud at all? Is there still any compatibility between the both? #Linux

Jahre später...

... habe ich dieses kleine Video zu einem kleinen Song von mir gebastelt. Das Videomaterial habe ich im wirklich überraschenden Prelinger-Archiv gefunden und mit dem nicht weniger überraschenden Kdenlive 19.04 geschnitten.

#Kdenlive #Linux #Musik #OpenSource #Prelinger #CreativeCommons #Music

Torsten Torsten - Apachenboulevard

"Langsam geh'n die Großstadtlichter an, müde sitz ich in der Bahn ..." Der Song baut auf Ideen auf, die Emely, Yiannis, Antonie und ich bei einem unserer Lie...

After spending really really lot of time playing games I've finally realized, why did I switch to #Linux as a daily driver at the first place. I switched from #windows because I spent too much time playing games and doing nothing valuable.

So it is the time to remove steam and do something valuable