partly dissociated from my clone

Hey everyone @Hubzilla Support Forum+,

I've partly lost connection with my clone at @Andreas node. And hope you can help me becoming one again.

The situation if the following. When @Michael Meer mentioned he's letting go of this node I cloned my channel. From extern I can visit the profile URL and also get email notifications about replies, new contacts etc. from both of my halves.
But when I log in to the node my clone lives on, I'm greeted with the page to create a new channel, instead of getting to my exiting channel.

Any help would be appreciated!
The clone was probably made when we had the 'clone it twice to make it work' bug. The site admin needs to find your channel_id and set it as the account_default_channel in the database. That should fix it. If the admin is unresponsive, go ahead and create a new throwaway channel (or create a forum or something) and then go to the channel manager and set the default channel yourself.
My server is superstitious. @Tobias+ ID is 13 ;-)
This could not work !

Thanks @Mike Macgirvin and @Andreas